Whether you live in an apartment complex or you own one, you must already know that there are a lot more trash valet benefits than just an added convenience. As a resident, you no longer have to bring down your trash, place it in your car and take it to the Dumpster yourself. As a landlord, you never have to worry about garbage building up on your property just because some residents are inattentive or don’t have time to take them away. If you don’t have an apartment community trash collection set up for your managed property yet, and you are interested in providing services for valet recycling pickup.


Our Guarantee:


Should you receive a “trash violation” fine from your property management as a result of using our service, we will pay it. Point, Blank, Period.

Why Choose Westpaq Cleaning Solutions?


No hidden charges of any kind! We make it easy for you and your residents.

Easy Sign Up

Fill out our contact  form, we’ll send you an invoice. That simple.

Phone Support

We care about our customers & strive to make your experience with us the best ever. We are always available & ready to address any questions you may have.


We offer flexible evening scheduling.  Service available Sunday-Saturday .


We are a leading service provider for multifamily communities. We understand community management and tenant satisfaction are important. We go above and beyond the task at hand to deliver exceptional service.

Ready to be Spoiled?


Westpaq Cleaning Solutions is the standard-setting doorstep collection amenity that adds value and convenience to every multi-family property. Westpaq Cleaning Solutions services are offered to your property’s management company as an amenity for your entire property or as a concierge service marketed directly to your residents.

​​Residents place their trash outside their door – at designated time only

We pick it up

Residents & on-site staff are happy and care free

Resident Benefits of Westpaq Cleaning Solutions Trash Services


Unlike the clubhouse, pool, or exercise room, doorstep trash collection is an amenity that every resident uses several times a week. Starting is simple. Fill out a quote, we email you an invoice. Upon paying your invoice, your trash collection starts the same or following day.

Simply place your trash outside your door at the designated time we provide you.


No more lugging trash down stairs


No night trips to the dumpster


No more stinky dumpsters 


Happy & Clean Community


Effective trash management and trash removal can be a challenge for any property. Residents refusal to recycle and property managers becoming increasingly fedesses around dumpsters and trash compactors have led to the increase in properties utilizing a valet trash service.

What is Valet Trash ?

Valet trash service is a door-to-door trash and recycling service for multi-family properties  including apartment communities, condominiums, student housing  and senior living communities. Valet trash pick-up offers a no risk revenue source that increases the net operating income of the community. Apartment valet trash     service provides the community with the #1 voted amenity that 100% of residents        will enjoy from day one.

Benefits to Your Property

There are immediate bottom line results.

  • Risk-free monthly ancillary revenue

  • Increased NOI (net operating income)

  • Can easily be added to current monthly rental fees

  • Improves curb appeal during leasing hours by keeping the property clean,            sanitary and organized

  • Increased tenant retention

  • It will differentiate the property from competitors

  • Provides leasing agents with unique selling tool

  • Crime deterrent – the visibility of the uniformed trash service valets                    reflective uniform helps deter crime when staff is not on-site

Resident Benefits

Doorstep collection is an amenity that every resident uses numerous times a week.

  • Doorstep pick-up is a service all residents take advantage of – unlike a                   weight room or pool at their community

  • Doorstep collection helps grow resident retention and new leases by offering              the property a unique market advantage compared to competing communities          that do not offer a door-to-door trash valet service

  • No trash is left out in the community during leasing hours

  • Trash is collected shortly after it is set outside – no odors, trash leakage, or              stains on walkways and breezeways

Offering door-to-door trash and recycling collection up to five nights a week, Westpaq Cleaning Solutions is designed to handle the largest of portfolios as well as        individually owned multi-family properties.

Westpaq Cleaning Solutions’ doorstep trash collection is quick and easy to implement. Within 48 hours of signing up with us, service for your property will begin. Each        resident will receive a welcome letter with instructions about the service. 

Residents are not allowed to place Trash outside Their Door

Westpaq Cleaning Solutions schedules each property/resident a two hour time window. This means we Guarantee all trash will be removed from your residents door with-in this window. We will never schedule this window during your property’s business hours. If your property is not willing to allow your hard working, busy residents the two hour window in which they can benefit from a valuable service such as valet trash, we have a solution. Your residents will receive a call from one of our valets advising them we are on-site. The resident opens their door, places their trash outside and we pick it up.

Westpaq Cleaning Solutions will pay the trash violation fine for any resident that utilizes our service – if in fact the violation occurred during the  time window we provided the resident.

Westpaq Cleaning Solutions Helps Property Managers:

  • Expand your amenities package

  • Differentiate yourself from competing properties

  • Reduce total trash costs for your property

  • Add a supplemental income stream

  • Add sustainability and recycling to your community 


  • Convenient, multi-night or day pick-up

  • Peace of mind. Westpaq Cleaning Solutions is fully insured.

  • Low monthly cost

  • Easy start-up

The Process

Door-to-Door valet trash service is convenient and easy to implement. The service provides doorstep waste and recycling collection up to five nights a week. Residents place their tied trash and “blue” recycle bags outside their doors at designated hours only. Valets collect the bags and take them to the property’s dumpster/trash compactor and recycle.

Power Washing Service

As a complimentary addition to our service, we professionally power wash the common area corridors where trash is left, as well as dumpster area(s), trash chutes, and residents’ trash cans once per year.

Additional Security

Although security is not our focus, since our uniformed crew will be throughout the community five (5) nights per week, many customers tell us it is a great crime deterrent. Our team members are trained to report all crime or suspicious activity to management (or the police, if warranted).

Recycling Programs

Westpaq Cleaning redefines convenience when it comes to apartment recycling services, making it fast, easy and effective for residents and management alike to recycle responsibly. Additional recycling cans are available for free upon request.

Why Westpaq Cleaning Solutions?

Westpaq Cleaning Solutions service is simple, cost-efficient and a great amenity             for your residents. Trash is always collected inside of a two-hour window and  never during the property’s business hour

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