It’s just less than 24hrs to Christmas day and you’ve not really been present to do a proper cleaning, don’t be scared… is right here!

The cleaning tips we’ve prepared below will speedily make your house ready for your guests.

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Clear out all rooms

Before commence cleaning, it will be a good idea to, first of all, clear out all the clutters, you won’t find it easy to clean with litters and junks all around the place. Get about 3 per of baskets and pick up all the toys, books, clothes and paper works


Pick up the needed supplies

After clearing all the necessary things, you will need to shop for the supplies you will need for the festive period. Here is a good guide for you:

Toilet cleaner

Spray for the shower

Disposable wipes

A few plastic bags (for extra rubbish you find around)

A dust cloth



Spray & wipe

Cotton rags/cloths

Glass cloth

Paper towel

Scrubbing brush

A bucket or basket


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Work on essential areas first

You can make a super-quick cleaning before your guest arrives even if your house is as dirty and disorganized as a dump site. You can first of all touch the kitchen and bathroom because these are the more concentrated areas where they are likely to congregate.

Work on these areas first and close off other areas for now.


Let your kids go for a visit

This is going to be the best time for your kids to visit their grandparents or let them go hang out with their friends or see their most anticipated movie. You definitely don’t want them to stay around when you need to concentrate fully on the cleaning.


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Get cleaning

You can now get to work and clean all the rooms one at a time and wash all the dishes, wipe the countertops and wash the bathrooms and toilet with your most used cleaning solutions. Dust off all the dusty areas and get set for your guests.


You can get more help with our Christmas cleaning guide to enjoy a stress-free celebration with your entire family and friends. You can also contact us for a Christmas day cleaning as we are offering an amazing discount of 15% if you book us this weekend! Don’t miss the offer!!!

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