House cleaning is a great deal of work, time-consuming and very exhausting! You might be among the few that can courageously take on their house cleaning without fuming. We understand this ordeal, that’s exactly why we put together this post to help you become a unicorn and turn your house into a clean place without much stress. You can clean and enjoy doing it; we assure you that you can!

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Sing and Clean

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Cleaning doesn’t really engage your mind but it has a good way of exhausting your brain. You can enjoy the cleaning moment by plugging in your earbuds and listen to your favorite playlist or you can even call a friend for a chat over the football match you watched last night. This method is effective because it disengages your brain from the stress your body is going through and you don’t get to worry about the flying time!


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Do it first in the morning

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If you don’t agree with me about this, you just need to try it out because I have been in this for quite q while. I know the route pretty well. Getting your cleaning done first thing in the morning is like taking a shortcut away from weariness. The stress cannot compete with the fresh energy you woke up with early in the morning. Face the stress while you are fresh.


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Reward yourself

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Giving yourself an incentive is never a bad idea when it comes to cleaning your house. Firstly, set what the incentive will be after you’re done with the cleaning then commence. Now that you’ve successfully cleaned the whole house, you can now stretch your legs across the table and watch your best Netflix series with a bowl of chocolate covered popcorn!





Set a timer

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When you set a time frame for a job, you are sure to focus, so, Book a time for this job.

Propel yourself by setting the work period within a certain timeframe and do all you can to keep to the time, it helps encourage you later in the future and make the work much lighter since you are sure you can face it and get it done in about so and so time.




Call a partner to the party

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It takes two to tango is what they say, isn’t it? Now you can surely say “it takes two to clean a house or three if space is available.”

Do all the cleaning together and stick to the “cleaning schedule.” It makes your work more enjoyable.




When you choose to clean your house yourself, it’s actually a choice you’ve decided to make. You can do the alternative by calling us to do it for you. We are available 2/7 at affordable fees that won’t shrink your wallet!

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