How frequently do you organize your refrigerator?

For those who do it frequently like a couple of times in a month or once in a month; they need a pat on their back because it is not an easy thing to do. It is not enough to just clean your fridge, you also need to know how to organize it in such a beautiful way that even your guests will be amazed at the orderliness you kept to.

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According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), you must keep your fridge at 40 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid spoilage of leftover foods. Now, the next thing to do is to carefully put in mind all the tips you are about to discover right in this posts on how to keep your fridge superbly organized.

The time of looking for where you kept the leftover pizza or beef is over for real!

The Doors

The doors are the warmest part of your refrigerator because the temperature in that region is not stable. Most pasteurized foods like soft cheese, condiments, and salads are kept in this area of the fridge. They are not subjected to any extreme temperature so that they retain the same taste you bought them with.


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The Top shelf area

These areas are the best places to keep your jams and jellies, bottled and canned beverages or any other food item that falls in that category. It is one of the warm areas of your fridge.


The Middle shelf area

This area of the fridge is cooler than other areas, it is best to keep food items like yogurt, eggs and other items that can also stay at the top shelf of the fridge in this area too. Ensure you keep the food in their container and place them at the extreme back of the shelve for better coverage of the cooling vapors.


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The Lower shelve area

Most items that are very prone to spoil take this area. Items like uncooked meat, milk, and dairies are best kept here. Make sure all the stored items are placed in their original container and placed on trays.


Deli bin side

All your lunch meats, cheese, bacon, and hot dogs can stay here or stay in the bottom shelve areas In case your fridge doesn’t have a deli bin.


Other things

You might need a small waste bin beside your fridge in order to easily dispose of any waste just in case your fridge doesn’t have a waste bin attached. Also, ensure that you don’t keep inside your fridge empty containers and other items you think should not be there in order to declutter your fridge and know exactly where your items are located.

Getting your fridge organized can be pretty simple and easily done with our informed and helpful posts. get us involved if you find it hard to create free time to do this…..we are always available 24/7 to solve your cleaning predicaments!

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