Green cleaning is most essential for homeowners and you need to get these products nowhere else but right inside your house. Processed cleaning products are not 100% safe since they are petroleum based, they have all have health and environmental implications.

Green cleaning is all about making your house pretty clean and safe without putting anything in harm’s way except the germs!

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Always buy only green cleaning products

As many as you can see, there are many petroleum-based cleaning products almost everywhere, that are healthy, safe and effective yet non-toxic and are biodegradable which can serve the same purpose with more efficient results.


Clean in a ventilated area

It has been said many times that you should only clean in a ventilated area for safety purpose. The presence of toxic materials in the cleaning products makes them unsafe for use in an enclosed area.

Allow enough fresh air when doing your cleaning because your safety is paramount!


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Keep baking soda in your house

The purpose of having a baking soda in your house serves you in two ways, it helps you when you need to get rid of irritating odors and also come in handy for many essential cleaning you need to do. Whenever you need to vacuum clean your rug or furniture, baking soda can be very useful when you know how to use it properly.


Adopt flowers for a fresh smell

You can have some nice broad-leaf plants in your living room and other parts of the house to suck up the bad smell and release fresh air into the house. You can also boil some cinnamon, cloves or other herbs you like to freshen up the environment.


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Call in green-friendly cleaning services like Westpaq cleaning

You probably might not have the leisure time to clean your house yourself, but you can call in professionals like us to come to do it for you. We are green friendly and can handle any type of cleaning. We are available for your reach 24hours a day and 7 days a week. Reach us here 832-429-8619 or

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