The day was stressful and so many guests came around to have dinner for the memorable event. Now, you have to clean up the mess and you have to do it pretty quickly and nicely.

follow these quick steps to put your house in the beautiful order it was before the weekend starts!

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Wash all used clothes

You must have used up a whole lot of clothes, even your table clothes must have been pretty messed up from stains from grease and food crumbs. Soak all the clothes in warm soapy water solution and wash properly before drying.


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Clean the dishes and utensils

You should be shocked at the stack of dishes staring right at you after dinner. Put them all together in the washing basin and get your dishwasher handy before you commence cleaning all of them.


Re-organize the house

You definitely might have moved some number of furniture out of place while having a chit-chat with some of your friends who came around. Make sure you put them back where they belong and don’t do that until you’ve done a quick clean up on all the used furniture to wipe away dirt from the garden that might have got stuck to the furniture.


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Clean up your fridge

Give your refrigerator a new touch by getting a mix of soap solution and a clean cloth. Wipe down every angle of your fridge and re-wipe with a clean water from a water sprayer. Wipe clean the fridge until you’re sure the whole part is sparkling clean.


Take care of all leftovers

You can’t rule out leftovers after a Thanksgiving dinner. Get all the leftovers together and thrash them in your waste bin where the valet pick up will come and do their job.


Thanksgiving dinner is a memorable event that Americans have been enjoying for decades, we want you to enjoy the dinner as much as you enjoy the cleaning. You can relax and give us a call or follow our helpful posts for adequate information on reliable house cleaning solutions.

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