Decorating your homes with metal outdoor furniture is a long-term investment that enhances the value of your property and also gives opulence to your atmosphere. Your metal furniture requires proper care to avoid rusts that can deprive you of the beauty you dream to achieve in your home. Here are 5 sure tips to treating unavoidable rusts and corrosion on your iron, chrome or wrought iron furniture as a homeowner.

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There are some homemade solutions to the rust predicaments you are facing on your metal furniture, follow the tips below and try them at once!

Get Used to a mild cleaning agent

One of the simplest ways to get rid of rusts on your metal furniture is to get a cleaning agent handy with a clean dry cloth. Spray some solutions on the rusted area and rub continuously until the surface is sparkling clean. Ensure to wipe off all wet areas that may have a particle of water to avoid further corrosion.


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 Apply baking soda

In most homes, baking soda is readily available for use. This chemical compound is quite essential in treating rust on your furniture. Get a mix of soda and hydrogen peroxide with a cloth pad. Apply a thin layer of the baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide on the rusted area and scrub thoroughly after leaving it for about 20minutes, scrub until the rusts clear off. You should repeat this process over until the rusts disappear completely.


Apply white vinegar and salt

One of the most powerful cleaning solutions that can clean almost anything in the home is the “Vinegar and salt solution.”

One of the most effective ways is to dip the disassembled furniture into a mixture of vinegar and salt or rub the solution over the metal with a paintbrush and leave it for about 15 minutes before wiping it off with a clean cloth. If you observe a deeply affected rusted area, scrub the area with an abrasive material before wiping it with a clean cloth.


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Use Coca-Cola

Yes, your favorite soft drink is a rust remover!

The carbonated properties of Coca-cola give it the ability to wipe off the stubborn rust from your metal furniture in a twinkle of an eye. Pour some drops of Coca-Cola on the rusted part and rub with a clean cloth or pad until the stains come off.  Wash your hands properly after this to remove hiding rusts particles.


Make Use of salt and lemon

If you know rusts are chemical reactions as a result of water on the metal surface, then you can believe wholesomely that lemon and salt can reverse the rusts and give you back your sparkling metal furniture.

Mix some good amount of salt and lemon together and apply it on the rusted surface and scrub it with a duster until the stains vanish.

Another homemade method to get rid of rust on metal surfaces is using lemon coupled with a plenty of salt. Salt acts as abrasive while citric acid in lemon creates a chemical reaction which helps remove even stubborn rust.


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