It’s Halloween time once again, a period of many scary designs and costume that costs lots of inks, paints, and messy materials that your children need to enjoy the festival. We want you to be able to deal with this messy period and not get terrified because we want to help you by rendering our seamless cleaning services at a purse-fitted fee. Read through this cleaning tips to know more!

Photo of Child Holding Jack-o-lantern

Dealing with Make-up Stains

In the process of making up your kids for the Halloween outings, a lot of inks and paintings will be used and you can get your furniture stained in the process. You can leave the stains to us to handle it for you while you relax after the whole stress. We got you covered.


Complete These 4 Chores Before Move-In for a Cleaner, Healthier Home

Picking up glitters completely

We know the glitters don’t go away so easily. Even after you might have vacuumed everywhere in the house, you still find out they just reappear from nowhere. Get lint rollers to finish the job anytime you find any glitters lying around the house.


Cleaning Up Pumpkin Guts

When you want to carve the Jack-o-lantern, you can’t avoid messing up the kitchen with the guts from the pumpkin. You can minimize this mess by laying some old newspapers on the floor before working on the pumpkin. You can scrub the floors later with water mixed with dish soap to regain a sparkling floor.


Keeping Your House Cleaning Supplies The Right Way


Dealing with Toilet Paper, Egg Splatters, and Shaving Cream

You can’t escape a Halloween without a touch of shaving cream, egg splatter or toilet papers on you or your compound. You need to take them off immediately you see or find them. Your neighbors may find it amusing to just drop them on you. Remove them with a garden hose before they harden and become tough to clean.

If you find the stress unbearable, get in touch with Westpaqcleaning Solutions for amazing cleaning solutions any day anytime!

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