How have you been able to store and keep your cleaning supplies? You don’t necessarily need to keep your cleaning supplies in the cabinet. Read the tips below to get closer to properly keeping your cleaning supplies the right way.

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Clean, dry and cool

Always ensure you keep your supplies in a dry and clean place. Take note of high-temperature areas not to keep them there and ensure the place is dry as moisture can easily affect some materials.


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Keep your supplies in original containers

Don’t try to transfer contents from their original containers into new ones, it’s not always advisable and if you have to do that, ensure you label the containers to avoid mix-up. Always transfer into clean, dry containers only!


Safe Storage

Almost all cleaning supplies bear the warning to “keep out of the reach of children on them!”

Always keep your supplies where your children and pets cannot reach to avoid an emergency.


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Cleaning kits

Construct small supply kits that can hold your cleaning supplies. You can duplicate it on different sides of the house for easy collection.

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