What does your closet look like? Do you feel elated to have a visitor open your wardrobe and be wowed by the cleanliness and orderliness of your designers or you excuse them by keeping it locked while searching for the keys you hid?

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Turn out the used clothes

We guess you’re the type that has a full closet with various designers to go out with. Evidently, you will have issues knowing which one you wore recently.

It’s easy when you have a way to know which one is neat or used and which one is not. Make sure you turn out the used clothes of yours and keep the unused ones turned out for you to easily know which is used.

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Does it still make you walk tall?

There are no two reasons why we keep used clothes, it’s definitely because we feel it still carries the first joy we had when we bought it. This is a factor you still need to consider whether the sweater or blouse in your hands still gives you that sense of confidence you felt when you first wore it to your first date or first day in college. Take it off the hangar and hold it against your body then ask yourself if you still have that feeling, if you do……go dance with it!

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Organize by color

One of the most popular tips for cleaning your closet is by doing exactly this. This method exposes how many blue blouses you have and what type are they, whether one is Tee, another is athletic and the last one is a turtleneck. You can make a good decision by letting go of the common type with the same color. You can do the arrangement by using a color stand in ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet). If you have any other color different from these, you can arrange them using your own customized style!


Empty the closet and rearrange

This method might seem stressful, but it’s worth all the stress. Take out all the clothing, dust the inside of the closet and wipe with cleaning solution if necessary and ensure it dries off before you rearrange all the clothes back in. you will be glad you actually did.


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