Getting your prospective clients and business partners impressed doesn’t boil down to just a good presentation, but also a neat, tidy and clean conference arena puts an icing on the cake. You should do all the dos and let your prospective partners leave your office fulfilled!

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Here are just 5 steps that make your conference room a memory to cherish and a picture that sticks to their brain, even to the point where they call you to ask how you’ve managed to do such feat.

1. Untangle all cords and wires

Hosting a virtual meeting requires lots of electronic gadgets and wires are seen flying around. You don’t want to see one of your partners stumble upon a crossed wire or a cord lying around the corner. Take proper care of all wires and cables by taping the naked ones and hanging or putting them where they should be.


2. Clear for space

Clear enough space for your guests. Ensure you relocate all unnecessary items, books or equipment at least temporarily.

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3. Move extra furniture and equipment

Don’t keep too many chairs or furniture in the conference room. You can put a little extra nearby perhaps if the need arises. Ensure all equipment that is needed is present; don’t try to over-budge the room with excess.


4. Wipe down windows surfaces and dusty computers

Dust off all computers, electronics, and even the chairs. You don’t want to hear comments about dusty chairs and monitors. Wipe all the windows clean and leave them sparkling.

Get your productivity on the line of constant realistic goals by doing what other top firms do to succeed. Impress your partners with a clean, tidy and organized office that impress. Give us a call 832-429-8619 for unbeatable cleaning services that grow your ROI.

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