Like many fellow Americans, your basement is probably filled with gym equipment, unused appliances, tools, and gardening supplies. This is not wrong, but years of piling these things up start to eat up spaces and the place get very dirty and stuffy.

Westpaq cleaning is here to provide the quality housecleaning tips you need to put your basement in good order and also in a neat state.

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1. Manage your time wisely

Cleaning your basement will take nothing less than half of your day, so you must be prepared to spend this time well on the job. Pick a free day when your schedule is near empty and when you won’t be expecting any august visitors who could let you hands-off on the work. Ensure no old photo album will eat up your time where you are trying to flip through and catching up with old memories, you can always do that later. Focus on the work and get it done!

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2. Kit up

Get yourself prepared against any unexpected surprises. Your basement has been there for probably more years than you can remember unkempt and unorganized, expect anything. So make sure you are well suited up for this. Look through the lists below and try as much as possible to do them.

Try to wear clothes you are ready to get dirty, preferably materials that cover your arms and legs.

– Put on a face mask to protect yourself from dust etc.

– Grab your goggles in case it gets really dusty.

– Ensure you don’t walk barefooted in an unfinished basement, put on your shoes or boots.

– Work with your gloves on.


3. Provide enough lighting

You definitely don’t want to go down there with some amount of light, get the whole place lit up so you can see even a pin on the dirty floor. Wash the windows in you have any in your basement and put on the bulbs too.

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4. De-clutter the place

Make sure you take off any unwanted items and put the right ones in place. Keep the place really organized.

Getting your house in good order is not limited to your most seen places like the parlor, rooms, your bathroom and so on. your basement requires cleaning and tidying up.

We are dedicated to providing you with deep cleaning tips to enable you to become a better housecleaner. Kindly drop your comment in the box below and contact us for more tips and cleaning services.

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