Maintaining office chairs is as essential as keeping the office surrounding clean and tidy. Office chairs are found loaded with enough dust so much that we don’t usually get to know unless we accidentally hit out hands on the foamy sides and we get alarmed at how much dusts takes over the air. Here are a few helpful tips you will need to clean your office chairs properly and get back the texture that makes you want to never stand up from them.

round clear glass-top table and five gray chairs dining se

Step 1

Start working on your office chairs by first vacuuming the back and the seats of the chair. Ensure you use the brush attachment of your vacuum. This will help suck out all the dirt hiding in corners of your chair.


Step 2

Get hold of an upholstery cleaning foam that can be sprayed evenly on the chair. Follow the instructions on the product before scrubbing off with a suitable material.

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Step 3

Ensure you scrub the fabric of your office chair with a brush; make sure you concentrate on any stains and dirty spots. Give the chair time to dry off.

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Step 4

Don’t forget to thoroughly wipe off the armrests and legs with a cloth dampened in a suitable cleaner that can do the job without harming the furnish or color of your chairs.


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