The simple secret to getting a streak-free window is first to have the proper tools. Get yourself a good squeegee and a quality squeegee wet cover and dry cleaning cloths.

We want to explain the simple three-step process with these tools in your hand.


Get a preferred cleaning solution in a bowl or bucket, ensure the bucket is wide enough for the squeegee to fit into. Dip the squeegee with the wet cloth into the bucket and work on the entire surface of your window.

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Separate the wet cover from the squeegee and work on the window pane from top to bottom, drawing the squeegee across the window while skimming the cleaning solution from the glass. Make sure you curve the squeegee downward at the end of each stroke.



Get a fresh clean cloth and wipe it on the squeegee to make it dry after dragging across the window. Always ensure you work from the top down to the bottom. A dry squeegee will avoid drips and leave your window sparkling clean.



The last step will require a dry cloth which you will run across the surface of the window and other wet sides to dry up any leftover drips. Polish the sills dry with your dry clean cloth.

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