Changing of location or apartment Is inevitable; moving into a new one require you do your proper cleaning before handing over the keys. We want to educate you on how to go about it- it’s as simple as we can get you through all the details.

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  1. Clear all Dust and Cobwebs

Before you leave your apartment, clear all cobwebs from the ceiling and all other corners of the house.

Make sure the entire ceiling is wiped clear with a long broom with along with a long stick.


  1. Pack your baggage together

Get all your packed stuff into a room you’ve cleared out, so you can put the stuff there while you clean the other rooms. This will take off the stress of moving things around the house.


  1. Wipe all the walls clean

You need to ensure that you wipe clean all the walls of your apartment before you evacuate.

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  1. Ensure to Sweep and Mop

Get all the rooms cleaned and mopped after the dusting.


  1. Clean the bathroom and kitchen

You also need to ensure that your kitchen and bathroom is scrubbed clean to make your apartment properly cleaned before you say goodbye to that old place to the new one.

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