Washing machines are vital tools in every home due to their function and the unimaginable help they render on cloth washing. They save us a lot of time and cut costs meant for the laundry also. It won’t be a bad idea if we learn how to manage them very well. These are 4 quick tricks you should know in order to properly maintain your washing machine and give it a long life.

Person Adjusting Control on Front-load Clothes Washer

Remove All Rusts

For proper, clean sparkling washing results, you need to watch out for rust particles in your washing machine that comes from the rusted spots in your washing machine.

You can get rid of these rusts by running a hot water mixed with lemon juice for one wash cycle or check your pipes for rusted areas and replace them.

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Use the right settings

There are listless numbers of manufacturers for washing machine these days, and they all come with different washing settings depending on their country of manufacture.

Make sure you are using the right washing settings when washing your clothes based on the materials. This will keep your clothing in good shapes and your washing machine also.

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Use the right measure of detergent

It is never right to load your washing machine heavily with clothes, with an excess of detergent because you think that will give you the right result. The best way is to load it moderately and use a normal measure of detergent. You need to bear in mind that your washing machine’s life needs to be protected, anything in excess will damage it. Kindly take note of this!

You can’t wash Just anything

Your washing machine is not meant to wash anything “washable?” You don’t need to throw in your rugs, carpets and other dirty things because it’s called a “washing machine”. You should be careful what you wash in it so you won’t end up causing several damages for the machine.

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