Making your carpets look neat, fresh and fluffy can seem hard to achieve….that is why we are here to help you out with professional advice on what to do. Read the hacks below and give them a try!

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 Remove the stains with a pressing iron

Removing stains from your carpets does not always require too much expertise, provided it is a quick-fix situation; you can take the stains off with one of the most used tools in the house- your pressing iron!

Makes sure to first vacuum the carpets and ensure it is particle free, then dampen the stained spot with a towel you just removed from a 1/3  vinegar and ¾ water solution. Place the wet towel over the stained spot and heat it up with the hot iron. As you press the iron over the towel, the stains will lift into the towel all by itself, you can stop when you are sure the stains have been totally removed!


 Freshen up your carpet with Baking Soda and Essential Oil

Have you ever had a walk in a garden full of rose flowers or sunflowers? You most likely will dream to have such fresh smell to saturate your house. You can make this happen with your carpet!

Make your own deodorizer with 5-10 drops of any sweet smelling essential oil and mix with another 10-15 ounce box of baking soda. Make sure you mix the solution well before shaking it over your carpet and leave it for about 5 minutes before you vacuum it.


“Re-Fluff” your carpets

Your carpets fibers might look so weak like it has just been marched upon by a squadron troop. You can get your carpet fluffy again with this simple task.

Spay the areas you want to “re-fluff” with a mixture of water and vinegar, leave it for some time (about 20min) before running the side of a spoon across the face of the carpet to make the fibers stand up firm again!

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Remove carpet stains with shaving cream

Removing stains from carpets can also call for your shaving cream- Yes, your shaving cream!

Just apply the shaving cream on the stained spot and leave it for about 35 minutes and scrub off the stains with a clean white cloth. You can now spray it up with a water and vinegar solution mixed at equal measure.

All the above hacks are gathered from experience and we are sure they will give the desired results if followed accordingly. Give us a call 832-429-8619 if you need a professional hand with quality delivery!

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