WARNING: This article is liable to make you change your mind and start cleaning right away!

Getting adapted to regular or over regular cleaning might look good to you, or even if you are the lazy type that reluctantly does the cleaning once in a couple of months! We have put together expert advice on how frequently you should do the cleaning and if your current cleaning schedule looks good or needs improvement.

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Reading this piece of article will clear your doubt, educate you and put your mind at rest on what to do and how to do your cleaning yourself!

How often should you clean your toilet?

Your toilet is definitely on the top list of the dirtiest things in your house that you use almost every day. It is advisable to clean your toilet ONCE A WEEK! It is also advisable to wipe the top seat on daily bases with a sanitized wipe or a soapy clothe while making sure to change your toilet brush every six months and stick to cleaning the brush with bleach once every month.

How often should I clean the curtains?

Curtain materials come with instructions from the manufacturer on how and when to clean. Make sure to follow the instructions to the fullest.

How often should you clean your fridge?

How often you clean your fridge depends on the content you put inside. If you have lots of organic fruits in them, it is advisable you do your cleaning once a week with a mix of soap and vinegar and wipe corners with wet clothes to remove tough stains.

How often should you clean your oven?

The way we use our oven can determine how much germs you will have inside them. You can do normal wipe down with soapy water once a week and once a month, you steam the oven with 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar, steamed at the highest temperature inside a heat tempered bowl in the oven.

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