Mothers are the center of the workload this holiday period with kids around. Mums do the shopping, cooking, wrapping and get very busy doing all the house decorating and at the end of the day, they still clean!

Most mums don’t really get to enjoy the holiday like the dads and the kids……they are busy throughout the time cleaning before and after the holiday, trying to get things organized as much as possible.


We want you to get through the holiday with a memory of enjoyment, merriment, and refreshment.
We will give a few hints here that will help you get through this holiday like a walk in the park.

1. Get Volunteers

Most women get company when they want to go shopping- why not when you want to go do some cleaning?
Get few of your willing friends to come to help you out with the cleaning while you also return the same favor! Do a schedule with your friends who are willing to help with this task and schedule different duties to each of them but make sure you are in charge of the bedroom for privacy reasons and do same for your friend when it’s their turn!

2. Get your kids involved
Getting your kids involved in the house cleaning is never a bad idea. Get each kid to tidy up his/her room while you do the living areas and make sure to monitor what they do.
They are stakeholders in the home anyways so you can get them involved in the cleaning and promise them to bring their friends over for the holiday for some special cookies!

3. Make tools available
Try as much as possible to make every tool necessary for doing the cleaning available for an easy task. It’s less cumbersome to complete a given task when you don’t have to start looking for the tools you need.

The labor day is around the corner and you already have your mind budging over the cleaning even before the holiday starts. You won’t need to bother so much when we are here to provide professional advice on how and what to do!
Get us involved if you think you need helping hands with the cleaning, lets give you the right and affordable quote.

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