A lot of time, it’s easier picking up your phone and calling on a trusted house cleaning services to handle your stress for a very affordable fee. But, we can still give out some of our well-used cleaning hacks that can take off your stress, provided it is not something that really needs a professional hand. These are 5 stress-free cleaning hacks that you can rely on!

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CLEAN WITH VINEGAR: You really don’t need to worry about cleaning your items with harsh chemicals when vinegar is nearby! A mix of water and vinegar at equal quantity in a spray bottle is all you need to deal with some normal house cleaning and getting rid of tough smells that irritates you.

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USE DRYER SHEETS MORE – Using dryer sheet on shiny surfaces, kitchen table tops, and bathroom mirrors give you very impressive results. We can tell you for a fact that it just won’t shine the surfaces but also wipe dry the wet spots without leaving off any traces.

PROTECT YOUR OVEN WITH FOILS – There is very little way you can cook without making dirt and mess. Using aluminum foils to protect your oven takes off the stress and all you have to do after cooking is to pack the foil and trash it!

WORK AND CLEAN – Working and cleaning are not two different things when it comes to house cleaning, simply because cleaning is a lot of work itself. But when you are doing other things at home that can result in another stress of cleaning, just make sure you do a “clean-as-you-go” style. Cleaning up the mess as you work!

HAVE FUN WHILE CLEANING – Cleaning is stressful- Yes! But you can actually make it full of fun by either listening to a podcast or listening to music you love. You can deliberately create a playlist on your phone or player and reel it out while you do the cleaning. It takes off the stress 90%!

Getting your house cleaned won’t cost you heavily, that’s simply why Westpaqcleaning is affordable, accessible and reliable with guaranteed quality cleaning services. You need not wait any further! Give us a call 832-429-8619 for a free quote now!

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