Every field of a profession in life requires training, development, experience, and consistency to become an expert. Rendering cleaning services requires the involvement of an expert for a lot of reasons. We understand that everyone has varieties of choice when it comes to selecting home appliances, furniture and equipment, and many other valuables you buy in your house, including your business.

In all of these, you will have to maintain and clean them; you need to keep your house and business place clean and spic! This is where we come in; this is what we do as professionals because we understand your emptiness and needs! We have carefully came up with a list of what we do and how we handle jobs, the jobs you give to us are our top priority and doing it well is our core concern.

OUR CORE SERVICES- Westpaq Cleaning Solutions offers a full range of cleaning services to suit any business and any budget that will give you an amazing ROI!
From complete                                                                         
  • Deep cleaning service of restaurants and commercial kitchens,
  • For cooking equipment cleaning, extraction cleaning, and structural cleaning,
  • Office cleaning
  • Institutional cleaning for hospitals, schools, clinics, and correctional facilities
  • Restroom cleaning and maintenance
  • Cafeteria and kitchen cleaning
  • Waste and compost removal services
  • Building exterior and parking lot maintenance
  • Emergency cleaning and disaster restoration

Our highly trained staff will ensure your house, restaurant, hotel or property look good and ready, down to the last detail. For your peace of mind, we carry comprehensive general liability and property damage insurance, and all our staff members are background-checked and covered by Workers’ Compensation.


Just as we’ve been able to help 125 Commercial Clients, 11 Restaurants, 3 Food Festivals, 5 Commercial Kitchen grow their businesses and satisfy them and we are looking forward to increasing our customer base without falling short on our quality benchmark! We also want to add your business to our customer list and make your home as clean as you can ever dream of. 


FANTASTIC CREW: Our employees have all experienced regarding cleaning, with us; you will enjoy the services of multiple experienced project managers who ensure great outcomes.

TIMELINESS: We can often fit in projects even at the last minute. We pride ourselves on completing on time, within budget.

SERVICE AREA: Generally, the entire Greater Houston Metropolis.


You don’t have to wait anymore, you can reach on phone (1.832.429.8619) or via www.westpaqcleaning.com to get onboard!

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