Yelp Inc. (Yelp), connects people with local businesses by bringing ‘word of mouth’ online and providing a platform for businesses and consumers to engage and transact. The Company offers local business review sites. Yelp provides a platform for consumers to share their everyday local business experiences with other consumers by posting reviews, tips, photos and videos, and to engage directly with businesses, through reviews, its Request-A-Quote and Message the Business features, and by completing transactions on the Yelp Platform. Yelp also provides businesses of all sizes with a range of free and paid services that help them engage with consumers.

In metropolitans areas like Houston, Texas, (Yelp Houston) the dependable reviews by real people are the best guide for other consumers seeking unsolicited word-of-mouth customer experience about local businesses. One can learn a tremendous amount from crowd-sourced social networking like price, quality, and reliability or level of customer service from Yelp contributors.

While Yelp generates its own revenue from selling ads to local businesses, those paid advertisers have no control over the reviews. Automated software is used to recommend the most helpful reviews, and it has nothing to do with whether or not the business being reviewed is an advertiser. Objectivity is huge on Yelp, which can be accessed via the Yelp App on handheld devices. While events, lists and the capability to “talk” with other Yelpers are available, it’s the reviews and ratings from fellow Yelpers that has the most following as it helps shoppers make the right choice.

Yelp Houston Reviews
Some of the cleaning service businesses do have solid 5-star cumulative ratings, which is outstanding, all things considered. Word of mouth is more important than ever in our online-oriented society. Nearly 9 in 10 Houston consumers read online reviews of local businesses, and 72% of consumers said that they used positive reviews to determine whether a business was trustworthy.

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