House cleaning can be quite enjoyable and interesting when you know exactly what materials you need to use on frustrating tough stains that refuse to leave your bathroom, toilets and other corners of your house. There is an endless list of affordable materials that can be used on tough stains and they will give you the desired results.

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One of these is the toothpaste; white toothpaste works wonders on tough stains and you need to read the few hints we have provided below to enjoy part of our experience with toothpaste on tough stains!

1. Toothpaste on Glass Mirrors

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Some tough stains stay on the mirrors either in your bathroom or bedroom; it could also be the parlor window planes. All you need to do is get toothpaste, dry toilet paper roll, and a soft sponge. Paste a little bit of white toothpaste on the stained area and add a little amount of water then scrub gently with the soft sponge till you see the stains no more and finally wipe with the dry toilet paper roll. You will be amazed at the result you will get using the tooth stain remover!

2. Remove Crayon from walls

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When you have polished walls that make colored writings very clear, your children think that they can write on it without thinking twice about whether it will clean off easily or not. In order to get rid of this, you need a discarded toothbrush to work on the wall after you’ve pasted a little bit of paste on it and brush the wall until you get the crayon stains off the wall and get a clean, shiny wall! READ MORE: Window Cleaning Tricks: 4 avoidable mistakes!

3. Remove stains on wooden surfaces

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Your kitchen wooden panel can get some irritating stains that ordinary washing cannot remove. Don’t worry, use this method. Get toothpaste and squeeze some on the surface of the wood, spread the toothpaste over the stained area and rub thoroughly with a soft cloth until the stains disappear!

4. Shinning toilet chrome knobs (Handles)

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You can also see the wonderful effects of toothpaste on your dampened, dull looking toilet and bathroom chrome handles and knobs. Just squeeze a bit of paste on the knob and clean the whole knob with a wet towel till it gets shiny!

5. Removing coffee stains from mugs

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Some of your mugs are already coffee stained pretty bad that you’ve almost abandoned them, you don’t have to. Just make a paste solution by diluting some paste in a little quantity of water and soak the mug inside for about 10 to 20 minutes, warm water can also be of advantage. Wash the mugs and see the difference.

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