Cleaning the house can be enjoyable when you know what to do and how to do it well without mistakes. Window cleaning requires its own unique steps to clean, below are the 4 common mistakes most people do when cleaning their window.

  1. Avoid cleaning on Sunny days!

Cleaning your windows on a sunny day gives you an extra layer of stress because the room temperature will increase the window temperature which will dry up your cleaning liquid before you get to wipe it off and this can be pretty hard to remove. So try to clean on a cloudy day!

  1. Don’t use wet papers!

Cleaning the window means your windows sills must be streak-cleaned! Dry dirt streaks show on your window when you make use of wet papers to wipe the cleaning liquids. You should rather use dry clean papers which will absorb the wet dirt and leave it shiny.

  1. Clean with different patterns

When cleaning your window, you should clean the outside vertically and clean the inside horizontally. This will help show streaks and let you wipe better.

  1. Use vinegar

Some materials are needed when cleaning your window; like vinegar and others. We can tell you very surely as other cleaners will tell you too. Vinegar leaves your windows spic-spac clean. It’s effective beyond doubt!

These window cleaning tips will help you get more results, and this is why you have to thank us for more tips and expertise. Connect with us on our website.

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