Home cleaning requires a lot of time, and yes, it means you have to let go of other things you need to do no matter how multi-tasking you might claim to be, plus you might also need to part with some cash too! While you can go to the mall to buy a new set of wipes, we want you to save that cash for something more important, you should rather bring out those old clothes of yours because we want to show you why you still need them!

1. Keep your rags clean and close by

One of the easiest ways that have been noted to keep the home clean is to keep the rags also clean. In a kid-filled home, you might just have to keep some rags close by just in case- You should understand! Kids don’t always stay away from spilling water, half closing the water taps etc. Keeping a clean rag close by will save you the stress and allow you to do a quick “mop up”.


2. Re-design your rags

Redesign what? This may seem an absurd one, but it is a very nice thing to do plus, it’s fun actually! You can redesign your rags into different shapes and place them where you want to use them. For instance, cut a clean rag into a rectangular shape and hang it somewhere in the kitchen, another circular one for the windows in the parlour. This is so much fun as they not only save you money but also stay attractive and functional!

3. Don’t throw away old clothes, Use them!

You really don’t need to do away with your old worn out clothes, you only need to recycle them to function somewhere else. They can function as cleaning materials since they have been relegated from covering your body!

4. Use them appropriately

Making good use of rags can require knowing exactly where to use them. Instead of buying a new set of wipes and cleaning mops, you can use the old tough rags on stains that require tough touch and use the soft materials on the less tough ones. It’s all about affordable cleaning and that’s why we are giving you the hints!

5. Use affordable detergents!
Your rags alone cannot do the cleaning, you need to shop for affordable cleaning gels that will save you money and also be tough on the stains costing you the cash and the stress!

The above hints are practicable for domestic cleanings that don’t require the involvement of an expert. For more hints on affordable and quality cleaning service, call us now or visit us at www.westpaqcleaning.com.
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