Bathroom rugs are constant victims of water splashes, soapy remains and body sweat. The fibers of a microfiber rug or the crevices in a plastic mat tend to collect all of the water and sweat making an ideal habitat for bacteria to nurture and grow. Eventually when these rugs are left unattended for too long, they start emitting a disagreeable odor which prompts most home owners to take action.

Be a smart homeowner and don’t let the stage of the stink ever arrive. Schedule regular washings of your bathroom rugs and mats. This could be a monthly or bimonthly chore depending upon how frequently you use the bathroom and how dirty they visibly tend to get. If you have light colored rugs, you’ll easily observe brownish black smudge marks or dirty footprints before the stink phase. That’s when you know it’s time to throw the rugs into the washer.


Every rug is unique so it’s always good to check the tag attached about any special instructions. If the rug is not washing machine friendly, you may have to stick to cleaning it by hand only. Other special instruction for the drying and water temperature should also be carefully noted.

Washing the Rugs

Whether you own a microfiber bathroom rug, a chenille mat or a plastic one, the basic instructions are the same for all. Before the actual cleaning process, take your rug outside and give it a good shake. This will make sure all the loose dirt and dander falls off and doesn’t get in the way of the actual washing process.

For plastic rugs, you should also check for any cracks in the undersurface. If they are present, it’s a sign you’ll have to replace the rug.

Place your rug in the washer and clean with your normal detergent. Care should be taken not to overload the washing machine because bathroom rugs can get heavy. The water temperature should also be kept cold unless otherwise stated.

Air dry or tumble dry at low heat before placing the rugs in the bathroom again. 

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