We all know that leather is a luxurious material. Having an entire sofa or a couch built in natural leather must cost a couple thousands of dollars. That’s why when a stain, be it water or ink, makes its way onto the surface of your prized leather furniture, it’s always a house crisis.

Most homeowners end up trying silly and harsh cleaning hacks for their leather making the damage irreparable. Act smartly and learn how to handle leather furniture the right way so the next time a stain mishap occurs, you know exactly how to tackle it!

The Type of Leather Matters

Leather varies in quality and type. Knowing which one you own is important for cleaning it using the right and safe cleaning products. Broadly, leather can be either aniline-dyed or coated with a thick pigment. Aniline-dyed leather is also sometimes referred to unfinished leather. This type of leather has a smoother and richer texture and of course, a higher price tag compared to pigmented leather. With this type of leather, help from a professional cleaning company may be a necessity because you really don’t want to experiment with your cleaning products on this extravagant leather.

With pigmented leather, the dye used is aniline again but a thick coat of pigment covers it. This makes the leather much harder and durable in comparison to the unfinished leather. It is often cheaper and cleaning products can be safely used to clean stains.

Getting Rid of Water and Grease Stains

Water and oil leave relatively harmless stains. A little bit of care and choosing the right product will help remove their stains without damaging your leather. Use simple warm water and a white microfiber cloth to clean water stains. Use an appropriate leather conditioner to revitalize the texture in the end.

For grease or oil stains, make sure of talcum powder or cornstarch to blot out the excess grease. End with the application of leather conditioner.

Getting Rid of Ink Stains

Ink stains on any surface, leather or not, is a cause of distress. Ink leaves one stubborn stain to get rid of and using a home ingredient will never help in completely removing it. Sure, it might help it fade but to completely get rid of an ink stain, you will have to purchase an ink remover.

Protect your leather by covering it with a cloth when it’s not in use and keeping children and pets away from it. Children should especially be advised not to eat or drink on your leather couch or use markers and other art supplies on it as well.

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