Wooden furniture makes an important part of every household in every part of the world. Whether it’s a table or the entire furniture collection, wood is a material you’re sure to find in a home. As with every other item, wood needs to be maintained properly to keep it looking fresh and brand new. Marks and scratches on a wooden surface can steal the beauty of the piece and often the damage done to wood is irrevocable.

Learn how to keep your wooden furniture and items around the house in a prim and proper condition for a long time by following these helpful tips and tricks!

#1: Make use of coasters

The number one rule of thumb when it comes to wood is to avoid placing hot plates and cups directly on to the wooden surface. This will leave a halo mark of the tea cup or char the wood below the hot plate. Buy a bunch of coasters and placemats to avoid this untoward consequence. Coasters should also be placed for items like alcohol and cosmetics that can eat away the wooden grain if spilled. Once the wood is eaten away, polishing it might be the last option to get it back into shape.

#2: Brush the surface

As strange as it sounds, brushing your wooden surface with a brush extension can actually help keep it shiny and smooth for a long time. You can also use a lint-free cloth to wipe the surface and to avoid any moisture from seeping into the grains.

#3: Polish the wood timely

Although excessive polishing is not recommended by furniture experts, scheduling timely polishing can actually help keep your furniture looking fresh and brand new. When it comes to fine wood furniture, polishing is the key to reduce scratches and to keep the dust away. For a perfect sheen look to your wooden surface, polishing will help.

#4: Soak it if safe

Some types of wood are safe to wash with water while other types can get damaged. Do a quick test on a hidden part of the furniture to see if the water leaves no mark. If it doesn’t, then it might be a good idea to scrub the surface with mild detergent to remove the dirt and grime.

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