We all know the dynamic uses of vinegar and baking soda in cleaning around the house but only a few of us know the uses of toothpaste. That’s right – toothpaste has some amazing ingredients that make it great for cleaning purposes or adding that final bit of shine. So if you’ve got a toothpaste tube that’s close to finishing, it’s best not to throw it in the bin. Store it for inexpensive cleaning around the house. This blog post will discuss a few ways you can use toothpaste to clean in your house.


Add shine to your silverware

As crazy as it sounds, the alkaline constituents and whitening properties of toothpaste can help polish tarnish silver be it in crockery, decoration piece or even jewelry. This affordable way of making your silverware shine is effective and highly popular among homeowners who have tried and tested the trick.

To make it work, use a microfiber cloth to rub a generous amount of toothpaste on to the silver. Clean the entire surface but be gentle with the rubbing. Scrubbing too hard might peel off the surface and that’s the opposite of what you want to achieve.

Once it’s all cleaned, run the silver under water that is slightly warm so the toothpaste is removed. Dry it with a paper towel and you’ll immediate results.

Clean your stained shoes

If your shoes are made of a sturdy material and not delicate fabric, toothpaste might help make the stains go away. We all know how stubborn shoe stains can be but there’s nothing your good old toothpaste can’t handle when it comes to shoes. Be it the rubber that’s involved or canvas shoes, toothpaste applied with an old toothbrush can successfully remove dirt and grime stains. Remember to clean the toothpaste off with a damp microfiber cloth in the end!

Toothpaste is a versatile bathroom necessity that can wonders for more than just oral hygiene. You can also use it to remove crayon and pencil marks or wipe nasty stains off kitchen counters. Always remember to do a spot test first though because the quality and sensitivity of every material might vary!

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