1 in 5 Americans spends their day at school, including students, teachers, and staff. Alarmingly, there have been found significant environmental health concerns in many classrooms. Some of these concerns stem from the very products used to keep the school clean. As a result, school children and staff are unnecessarily exposed to chemicals commonly found in traditional cleaning products, chemicals that have been linked to asthma and other respiratory problems, cancer, reproductive and neurological harm, and hormone disruption. Additionally, these products are known to have negative impacts on the environment, including contributing to water pollution, smog, and damage to the ozone layer.

Learning centers like schools and colleges make a pivotal part of our community. Keeping these institutes clean is a responsibility of everyone in these centers. Unfortunately, children aren’t the best when it comes to hygiene and by the end of the day, tons of waste and dirt heaps up. Regular cleaning, even during the summer vacations, is the only way to keep the air in a school healthy. Consider green commercial cleaning services to make the most out of your school cleaning – it’s healthier and safer for everyone!

Why Are Green Cleaning Products Preferred?

In schools, a healthy environment is essential for effective learning. The percentage of children taking sick leaves has been growing rapidly in the past few year and using green cleaning products is one way to bring the percentage down. Common janitorial chemicals include ingredients that can irritate the eyes, nasal passages, and the throat. Some children might also be more allergic and sensitive to these products than others. Along with respiratory and eye irritation, chemical cleaning products can also cause headaches, tiredness, nausea and exacerbate asthma. Hire a commercial cleaning company that uses green products to avoid these unwanted side effects of the standard chemical cleaning products. This will improve the air quality for both students and the staff and reduce the sick time for students.

The End Result – Increased Productivity

A clean environment of a learning center will naturally promote better performance and productivity. You can expect a higher attendance in classes and a better academic outcome. Green cleaning can also improve the mood of students and increase their interest in all kinds of school activities. Higher test scores may also be seen as a result of green cleaning which is the ultimate goal for both teachers and their students. A clean environment of a school is directly proportional to a student’s productivity. Ask a good commercial cleaning company to help make your school a great place for students to bloom.

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