With the emerging trend of commercial cleaning, a number of companies and services have popped up across the country; some experts, others just getting by. If you want to make sure your commercial cleaning job is done efficiently, you don’t want to be an experimental rat.

Choosing a company with expertise and professionalism will save you time and a lot of stress.

Here are some key things to look out for when choosing the right commercial cleaning company for your office:

#1: Portfolios Matter

No matter what service you’re booking, the portfolio of a company is essential. Always ask the commercial cleaning company for references or work they have done in the past. Their portfolio will give you a good idea of how the company operates. You can also go a step further and contact their previous clients directly to know more about the company.

#2: Compare Prices

When you’re hiring a commercial cleaning service, remember that expensive doesn’t always mean the best. Sometimes companies that offer affordable prices give better services than the high-end ones. Always compare prices of several different companies before making the final decision.

#3: Cleaning Equipment and Products

You might not be an expert at knowing which cleaning products are top quality but you should make sure that the cleaning company brings with them all the required products and equipment to your commercial building. Should they ask for special equipment to clean tight spaces, that’s a sign they’re not the best at their jobs.

#4: Variety

All commercial cleaning companies have several different services they offer. For example, a company might offer different cleaning options for your carpet. A company that offers variety is a company you want to work with. This way you’ll have plan B’s ready if the first plan doesn’t work. Variety is also a good indication of how professional the cleaning company really is.

Make a mental checklist of these aforementioned points before hiring a commercial cleaning service and your office cleaning will be done just the way you want it!


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