he 2017 Hurricane season will be one to remember. From Hurricane Harvey which caused massive destruction through parts of Texas, to Hurricane Irma which devastated islands of the Caribbean and Key West, FL, to Hurricane Maria which completely destroyed the island of Puerto Rico, we find many fellow Americans as well as our neighbors to be living a nightmare. Let’s not forget the 7.1 earthquakes that caused death and destruction to our neighbors in Mexico.

In the midst of darkness, we find the light from within, it is our human spirit which awakens within each of us and helps us jump into action and come to the rescue of those in need. It is our compassion, our empathy and our humanity which makes us rise stronger and with purpose. We have seen throughout the destruction that even those who have fallen and lost it all, find the strength to rise and extend a hand of hope to those left weak and afraid. It is that light from within that will spark in each of us the desire to rebuild and become stronger as family, friends, neighbors, and citizens.

In times of tragedy it is not them vs. us; instead, it’s we as citizens of planet earth rescuing each other. In times of great despair, our humanity is tested and we are humbled by mother earth as she reminds us we are mere guests on her land. We watch in despair as chaos tears apart communities, changing landscapes and forcing people to leave behind the life they know. We also watch as those people who are broken become resilient and find a way to rebuild and re-create.

Storms will come and go, earthquakes will make our lands tremble, these can leave destruction in its path but the human spirit can’t and won’t be destroyed. Our prayers are with all those affected by such devastation and to those awaiting news from their loved ones. We stand together and together we shall rise stronger and better than before.

Camila Delores 
Consumer Insights Manager

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